About Us

Sweet William has been in business for over 15 years. We have been offering the most precious embroidered fabrics and accessories to retailers, and now we will be offering it also directly to you, the consumer.

Sweet William was originally started by two amazing women, with whom I had the pleasure to work for. My name is Melissa Iraggi and when they decided to sell, I knew I could not let someone else continue with the business I had grown to love. So, for the past nine years I have been continuing to provide the same amazing merchandise and customer service that Sweet William has always been known for.

Our bedding fabrics are made from the best European cotton and shipped to our workroom here in the United States, where we make the majority of our bedding ensombles, as well as a number of our matching accessories. For those items we do not personally make, we thoughtfully pick out what we believe will help complete a beautiful nursery ensomble or what will help make a Mother’s life easier.

Opening an on-line store just seemed to be the next natural step. My hope is to continue to provide to those repeat customers who faithfully believe in our amazing products, but also to reach out and connect to the many more Mother’s and Mother’s to be, who do not yet know about Sweet William and our beautiful linens.

As we grow, I look forward to bringing new and exciting things to Sweet William. I also look forward to meeting our many new customers whom I know will come to love Sweet William as much as I do.